Re: Alpha and Java

Hi Bill,

Yeah, at first, I also thought that it was an interference pattern, but zooming in (up to the point they disappear from being zoomed too far), I get this:

For reference, this is roughly above the highest "peak" in the jagged white line at the bottom of:

It is where the first (bottom) purple wedge overlays the 2nd (from bottom) yellow wedge.

Yes, the section of code that produces this plot are identical between the two examples. The only difference is the java APIs.

Also, when testing this on different machines - notably with the newer java(2/3) APIs - I get the same pattern.



Bill Hibbard wrote:
Hi Kevin,

The pattern in your second image looks like interference
between the screen pixel dot pattern and the pattern of
your data displayed as discrete points. If you zoom in,
you should see the purple areas become discrete points.
Please let me know what happens when you zoom way into
both your first and second images.

Are they generated using identical application code and

I searched our CVS log for changes that might affect whether
an IrregularSet is displayd as filled triangles or discrete
points, and couldn't find any (but of course I may have
missed the change).

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CIMMS Research Associate               kevin.manross@xxxxxxxx

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