Re: tabbed panes

Hi Adele,

> 2. In a simple 2D plot, the image plots outside the axes (I also have an
> older version of visAD, dated about a year ago, and this does not happen
> with that version).
> Both of these can be seen in a simplified version of my app, which I have
> attached.

Thanks for the test program. I don't know anything about tabbed panes,
but I do know why the image now extends beyond the box bounds for
texture maps. In the past, VisAD displayed textures so N pixels (say
with integer coordinates 0, 1, ..., N-1) fit exactly in the box with
the default setRange() of (0.0, N-1.0). But this really made the
pixels of slightly the wrong size, with N of them squeezing into a
range of N-1. Some satellite scientists doing precise pixel
computations noticed this error, and I fixed it. I try to resist
such changes that will affect folks applications, but in this case
it was hard to argue that the old behavior was anything but an

You could perhaps work around it using Curtis's suggestion, or you
might try an explicit setRange(-0.5, N-0.5) (or whatever is
appropriate for your coordinates).

Good luck,

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