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I'm still struggling with the use of Alpha in a 2D display (TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D to be specific). I have a FlatField (lat,lon)->Alt in a 2D display. I then create a "wedge" shape using DelaunayCustom.fill and add the shape to the display while setting its alpha value to 0.5.

     ConstantMap[] pointMap = { new ConstantMap (0.0f, Display.Red),
                               new ConstantMap (0.0f, Display.Green),
                               new ConstantMap (0.0f, Display.Blue),
                               new ConstantMap (0.5f, Display.Alpha),
                               new ConstantMap (4.0f, Display.PointSize) };

    DataReferenceImpl widthRef = new DataReferenceImpl("widthRef");
    display.addReference(widthRef, pointMap);

The wedge is not transparent to the displayed data "below" it.  Please see:

The only thing that changing the value for Display.Alpha does it change the color of the wedge from black (0.0) to white (1.0).

I am hoping for the wedge to behave like the transparent radar echoes do in Don Murray's 1st two examples:

where you can see the state boundaries below the radar echo.

Also, If I translate the displayed image (left click drag) to the upper left corner, it covers up the cursor readout when the middle button is clicked. Is there a way that I can ensure that readout remains visible when data is displayed in that region of the window?

Many thanks!!


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