Re: visAd display flicker

Hi Kieran,

> I have an internal frame in which i wish to diplay some 3D images.
> I have a spinner on a tool bar to allow me to select different images.
> My problem is that when I am changing between selected images
> the display flickers first and the frame is all grey until the new image
> is finally displayed.
> Is there any way to stop this grey flicker?

VisAD uses double buffering in Java3D, but we do
still see this grey screen when a Java3D display
starts up. You might be able to find out about
the cause of this by subscribing and sending a
question to the java3d-interest@xxxxxxxxxxxx
mailing list (see the Java3D web page, linked from
the "Prerequisites" section of the VisAD web page,
for more about the mailing list).