Re: your mail

Hi Kieran,

First, you don't need to call canvas.stop since super.destroy()
calls it.

We have been over this code many times to eliminate all
references to allocated memory. As long as you have a copy
of VisAD downloaded since June 2003, it should be as good
as we can make it. There may be some Java3D memory leaks
(there continue to be reports on the java3d-interest
mailing list).

One approach to avoiding this memory loss is to re-use the
DisplayImplJ3Ds, after calling their removeAllReferences()
and clearMaps() methods.

Good luck,

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Neeson Kieran MMUk wrote:

> I am having problems destroying my DisplayImplJ3D objects.
> I have a store that holds a number of 3D displays and which can be displayed
> in a frame
> when selected. However when I close the frame the memory used up when
> creating the
> displays does not get released.
> How can I free up this memory??
> Here is the destroy method of my DisplayImplJ3D class:
>       public void destroy() throws VisADException, RemoteException
>       {
>               DisplayRendererJ3D renderer = (DisplayRendererJ3D)
> getDisplayRenderer();
>               VisADCanvasJ3D canvas = renderer.getCanvas();
>               canvas.stop();
>               super.destroy();
>       }
> thanks in advance
> Kieran Neeson
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