RE: How to animate 2 parameters

Hi Andrew,

> Actually I am processing a 3D volume of data (this is seismic
> data but in principle it could be a brain scan or something).
> These are quite large volumes so for this task we usually
> just display a 2D slice and then scroll through the volume.
> One of the parameters corresponds to the z level within the
> data of the 2D slice that is being displayed. The other
> tweaks the "focus" on the processing algorithm.
> What would be really neat would be to map both parameters to
> Animation. I guess what you're saying is I can map them both
> to SelectValue but not Animation?

If both a and b in (a -> (b -> ((line, element) -> radiance)))
all you'll get is some strange pattern of synchronization
between a and b values (like beats between two tones). Any
reasonable thing you want to do with maps to Animation can
be done with maps to SelectValue.

> Please also can someone explain the pros and cons between
>  (a -> (b -> ((line, element) -> radiance)))
> and
>  (a,b) -> ((line, element) -> radiance))

The latter does not allow maps of a or b to Animation of
SelectValue. I can't think of any advantages of the latter

Good luck,

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