RE: How to animate 2 parameters

Hi Bill,

Thanks for helping out an apprentice in his first year of

Actually I am processing a 3D volume of data (this is seismic
data but in principle it could be a brain scan or something).
These are quite large volumes so for this task we usually
just display a 2D slice and then scroll through the volume.
One of the parameters corresponds to the z level within the
data of the 2D slice that is being displayed. The other
tweaks the "focus" on the processing algorithm.

What would be really neat would be to map both parameters to
Animation. I guess what you're saying is I can map them both
to SelectValue but not Animation?

Please also can someone explain the pros and cons between

 (a -> (b -> ((line, element) -> radiance)))


 (a,b) -> ((line, element) -> radiance))


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> Hi Andrew,
> I've CC'ed the list, as all questions should go to it
> rather than just to me.
> On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Wilson, Andrew, J wrote:
> > They are independent parameters.
> >
> > So I have about 20 values for a. And about 20 values for
> > Each different combination of the values of a and b
> > an image, giving about 400 2D images in all.
> Thanks. So your MathType is something like:
>   (a -> (b -> ((line, element) -> radiance)))
> You can use ScalarMaps:
>   a -> Animation
>   b -> SelectValue
>   line -> YAxis
>   element -> XAxis
>   radiance -> RGB
> or you could map a to SelectValue instead of Animation.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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