Re: Weird display problem

Hi Bill,

Chasing this down has been frustrating for both Tennessee and myself.
We'd like to send you a copy of the app, so you can see what's happening
yourself.  To do that we'll need a public adde server where we can read
model data, so I can send it to you with a configuration that will work,
ie fail in the manner we see here.

Does unidata (or anyone else) hava a publicly accessible adde server
where I can read model data?  We need at least two models available to
reproduce the bug, with data at various levels.


On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 05:12:47PM +1000, Tennessee James Leeuwenburg wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Thanks for the suggestions. I've sent you another email with the log
> files in them - they're only 30kb (two of them) but I didn't want to
> clog up the list.
> Short version : looks like VisAD is getting the right calls, but I'm no
> expert. 
> Russel is looking at setting up the application to use some public
> server data - if that gets off the ground then we can show you the
> problem firsthand.
> Cheers,
> -T

Russell Steicke

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