Axis Title Problem


I am using multiple (3 or 4) Y-axes in a single 2-D display.  I am
having a problem where the title of the Nth Y-axis overlaps and appears
on top of the (N+1)st Y-axis.  The more characters there are in the
labels of the Nth axis, the further the title of the Nth axis is pushed
into the space of the (N+1)st axis.

This didn't happen with earlier releases of VisAD.  I am guessing that
it is related to a change I saw described on VisAD mailing list this
past January.  I pasted some of the earlier posting below for reference.

Is there some way to control, and decrease the horizontal distance
between a Y-axis and its title?  I only have two labels on each Y-axis,
at the very top and bottom, so my title won't interfere with my labels. 
That would solve my problem, but I could not see how to do it.

Or, is there some way to control and increase the horizontal distance
between adjacent Y-axes?  That also would solve my problem, but again I
couldn't figure out how to do it.

Finally, is there a way to make the label text of the Y-axes vertical
(like the title text) instead of horizontal?  This would also work.

I don't know if I am missing something.  If someone could tell me how to
place multiple Y-axes on a 2-D display and not have a title overlap the
next axis, I would appreciate it.

David Papurt

> From: Don Murray [mailto:dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 5:39 PM
> . . .
> If I hear no objection to this behavior or no better suggestions
> for a method name, I'll check it in.  It would be available
> in the next release.  Also, I will check in a change that Luke
> Cantania contributed that will set the Axis title beyond the
>  bounds of the tick labels since that will be necessary for
> labelling intermediate ticks (i.e. not just first and last).
> (sorry it took so long, Luke!)
> Don
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