Re: Webstart and NetCDF problem

Hi Doug-

Doug Lindholm wrote:
I'm trying to webstart my visad app but it is having trouble with a NetCDF file I have in a jar file. I create a URL for the file using a technique that works for other data I have so I assume this is a visad/netcdf problem. Here's the Exception:

HTTPClient.ProtocolNotSuppException: Unsupported protocol 'jar'
        at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.<init>(
        at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.<init>(
        at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.<init>(
at ucar.netcdf.HTTPRandomAccessFile.<init>( at ucar.netcdf.HTTPRandomAccessFile.<init>(
        at ucar.netcdf.NetcdfFile.<init>(

Any ideas how I can open the NetCDF file via webstart?

Does this work outside of WebStart?  I would bet not.

I'm guessing that you are passing in a URL that is the
result of a Class.getResource() call which returns a URL.  This
will return a URL that starts with jar:


The netCDF library uses the HTTPClient software to handle
URL's and this doesn't handle a URL like the above.

So, for now, I would say don't put it in a JAR file and put
it on the local disk or on a web server and pass in the absolute

Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
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