Webstart and NetCDF problem


I'm trying to webstart my visad app but it is having trouble with a NetCDF file I have in a jar file. I create a URL for the file using a technique that works for other data I have so I assume this is a visad/netcdf problem. Here's the Exception:

HTTPClient.ProtocolNotSuppException: Unsupported protocol 'jar'
        at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.<init>(HTTPConnection.java:585)
        at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.<init>(HTTPConnection.java:562)
        at HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.<init>(HTTPConnection.java:605)
at ucar.netcdf.HTTPRandomAccessFile.<init>(HTTPRandomAccessFile.java:58) at ucar.netcdf.HTTPRandomAccessFile.<init>(HTTPRandomAccessFile.java:50)
        at ucar.netcdf.NetcdfFile.<init>(NetcdfFile.java:186)
        at visad.data.netcdf.Plain.open(Plain.java:271)

Any ideas how I can open the NetCDF file via webstart?


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