Re: Which "Set"?

Hi Bill and group. Thanks for the input. I've been chewing on this and reading the list, but have some additional questions below.


When the user fixes an e0 value, construct a Gridded2DSet with
manifold dimension = 1, over domain (r, e). Basically, this
would be a set of (r, e0) for a sequence of r values. Then
resample your FlatField ((r, e) -> (h, s)) to this Gridded2DSet,
and display the FlatField returned by this call to resample().

The problem here is that I would like the user to choose a different e (eX) and have it update the display. Please see the link below for an illustration:

I guess the more basic question I have is, is there a way for VisAD to handle variable domains? resample() remaps the range to the existing domain of a FlatField, but is there a way to reset/change the domain and resample() while the program is running?

With ScalarMaps h -> YAxis and s -> XAxis, you'll get a scatter
diagram. Given that h and s are both dependent variables with
no simple functional dependency between them, in general this
must be a scatter diagram rather than a line graph. If you have
prior knowledge that there is some simple graph relation between
them, you can extract their values from the resampled FlatField
and construct a FlatField with MathType (h -> s) or (s -> h)
and appropriate topology.

Indeed the relationship should be a line graph (although the relationship may not be so "simple ;-). If you have a copy of Doviak and Zrnic handy, I am calculating equations (2.28b and c - pg. 21) and then trying to replicate Figure 2.8 (p. 23) though with only one line at a time based on the user's choice of e.

Note in your code 'new Irregular1DSet(h, h_vals )' can be a
Gridded1DSet as long as the h_vals array is sorted (can be
either ascending or descending).

I played around with both and found them to produce the same output. Is the GriddedSet more efficient than the IrregularSet?

Thanks again for your input!


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CIMMS Research Associate               kevin.manross@xxxxxxxx

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