Re: Bad Mapping Exceptions

Hi Michelle,

> I'm trying to determine when the BadMappingExceptions occur before they
> are thrown and then displayed in the spreadsheet. In the constructor of
>, I'm trying to decipher why ("mapped to
> multiple" + " spatial DisplayTupleType-s: " + "ShadowRealTupleType") is
> thrown. And why "mapped to multiple" +" spatial DisplayTupleType-s " +
> "(through CoordinateSystem.Reference): " + ShadowRealTupleType") is also
> thrown. Would it be possible to detect these before throwing the
> exception and with only knowledge of the ScalarMaps?

Yes, make sure you only construct ScalarMaps to DisplayRealTypes
in one spatial DisplayTupleType. That is, for example, don't mix
Display.XAxis with Display.Latitude or DisplayCylRadius.

Good luck,