Bad Mapping Exceptions


I'm trying to determine when the BadMappingExceptions occur before they
are thrown and then displayed in the spreadsheet. In the constructor of, I'm trying to decipher why ("mapped to
multiple" + " spatial DisplayTupleType-s: " + "ShadowRealTupleType") is
thrown. And why "mapped to multiple" +" spatial DisplayTupleType-s " +
"(through CoordinateSystem.Reference): " + ShadowRealTupleType") is also
thrown. Would it be possible to detect these before throwing the
exception and with only knowledge of the ScalarMaps?


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> I looked over Test46/ which you said would have examples of
code to
> create glyph plots. But is there a way to create the glyph plot by
> creating mappings in the mapping dialog box from the visad GUI?


> I'm trying
> to see what an input data file with a lot of data points looks like
when it
> is displayed in a glyph plot. Alternatively, how did you see the
output of


  cd visad/examples
  java Test46

Good luck,

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