Re: Extreme memory usage

Hi Ben,

As I said in my previous message, the next thing is to try
the most recent visad.jar.

However, I have also run some memory use tests. Your 120 Fields
of 48 points each need about 23 KB for storing each value as
a 4-byte float. The biggest memory use has got to be storing
the pixels of the Frame.

I was able to run a bunch of our tests, some creating two
DisplayImplJ2Ds and some creating two DisplayImplJ3D, using
a memory limit of 8 MB (i.e., '-mx8m' on the command line).

If Java3D is using over 300 MB, and Java2D is using 61 MB,
then it may be a problem with the Java and Java3D installation
on your computer.

If you can send me a copy of your whole program to run,
including data, I can check how much memory it needs on my


> I am actually using VisAD code from last summer.  Half a year ago or so I
> did try to move to a newer VisAD codebase, but ran into problems with it
> and didn't have time to work through them at that point.  If you think
> that this could be [part of] the problem I can do it now.
> _lineSets and _pointSets are arrays size 1 of Linear1DSet's.  The sets are
> length 48.
> _plotCountTotal is 120.
> This is with a DisplayImplJ3D with a 2d renderer so that I can use the
> rubberband zooming..
> OK, I just ran a test with a DisplayImplJ2D and it works and uses 61M.
> About 48M as everything is loading.  This still seems pretty large to me
> considering the amount of data being loaded is only 120x48.
> Let me know if any other information would be helpful.
> Ben

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