Re: Some code to share

Hi Chi-chi,

>*Everything*  under Start->Programs->VisAD and Python (Jython Command
>prompt, VisAD Jython Editor, VisAD SpreadSheet) is now reporting this error:
>Out of environment space
>Bad command or file name
>Thinking back, my computer (win98) booted into the Safe mode first thing
>this morning...

Make sure you're not in safe mode before messing around with environment 
variables. I doubt Windows allocates much environment space in safe mode...

>May be I should take the hint and stop all this
>way_out_of_my_depth_attempt_at programming....

Oh, don't worry, when it comes to command-line flags, compilation and linking, 
platform compatibility, etc., C++ is much worse. ;-)

>I couldn't fit my 'directory version' of your script below in one line at
>the dos prompt
>> java -mx256m -D"python.home=c:\jython-21"
>> -D"python.path=.\;c:\jython-21\Lib;c:\jython-21\Tools\jythonc"
>> -classpath
>> "c:\jython-21\jython.jar;c:\src\visad\python;c:\src;c:\src\visad.jar"
>> org.python.util.jython "\jython-21\Tools\jythonc\" %1 %2 %3 %4
>> %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
>> > (all one line).

Are you trying to type Tom's line above directly into the DOS prompt, or are 
you creating a batch file? You should be doing the latter. That is, create a 
file called "mypython.bat" or something and put the line above as the only 
line. Then you can just type "mypython" at the command prompt. I'm not 100% 
sure Win98 handles batch files with long lines correctly, but I'd be quite 
surprised if it doesn't.

>The last "c:\visad\visad directory entry" shows my newbie-ness, I guess.  My
>VisAD directory _is_ set up like that.

You're not the only one... nothing wrong with that. I prefer C:\java\visad,