Re: Some code to share

Hi Tom,

> Couldn't run your app -- kept bombing the JVM ;-(

Oh dear.  It's always executed for me.  Probably has something to do with
the HTML within the GUI's introductory JLabel.  I'll strip that out of the
.py file I posted and repost it.

....Erm, hang on, it always executed (eventually) until now...

*Everything*  under Start->Programs->VisAD and Python (Jython Command
prompt, VisAD Jython Editor, VisAD SpreadSheet) is now reporting this error:

Out of environment space
Bad command or file name

Stop laughing, I can hear it from here!

This is not good.  What should I do to fix this?  Is there something like a
"clear JVM memory" command that can be invoked at the ms-dos command prompt?
Thinking back, my computer (win98) booted into the Safe mode first thing
this morning...

May be I should take the hint and stop all this
way_out_of_my_depth_attempt_at programming....


I only found out about this after trying to change my classpath re: your
reply.  It now looks like this:


I couldn't fit my 'directory version' of your script below in one line at
the dos prompt

> java -mx256m -D"python.home=c:\jython-21"
> -D"python.path=.\;c:\jython-21\Lib;c:\jython-21\Tools\jythonc"
> -classpath
> "c:\jython-21\jython.jar;c:\src\visad\python;c:\src;c:\src\visad.jar"
> org.python.util.jython "\jython-21\Tools\jythonc\" %1 %2 %3 %4
> %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
> > (all one line).

so I opted for the 'fixing classpath' option shown above.

The last "c:\visad\visad directory entry" shows my newbie-ness, I guess.  My
VisAD directory _is_ set up like that.  Thanks for the reminder about the
documentation at   Have looked at it again.  Jythonc is still
not being invoked but I'm kind of pushed for time now so will leave that
exercise for later when I get VisADJython fixed...

Please help!

Thanks in advance,

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