Re: Sudden display movements

Hi Ricardo, Andres and Ian,

This is a hard problem, because I have never seen it and
cannot make it happen on any of my machines. However, I
have an idea about how to fix it. This possible fix is in
the various jar files, and the file, in:

Please let me know whether this solves your problem.


> I just install one of the applications I developed using VisAD on my Laptop
> and I am getting some weird mouse-display interaction behaviors, both with
> my touch pad and my USB mouse.
> When I left-click over the display and move the mouse, instead of the usual
> slow diplay motions I got huge displacements, in occasions a slight movement
> to the right make the display disappear from the canvas area.
> Has anyone else observed this behavior.  I have the latest VisAD (jar)
> version installed.
> Are there any parameters I can change to control the displacement magnitude.

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