Re: Adding 2nd view for holoscreen floor projection

Hi Finn,

I'm at a meeting and can't devote much time to this, but
what you need for this is to develop a new extension of
DisplayRendererJ3D. Use that class and DefaultDisplayRendererJ3D
as guides. You would pass an instance of your extenson to
the DisplayImplJ3D constructor. It is in the DisplayRenderer
that the scene graph is created and linked to Java3D. You'd
need to figure out how to have two Views in your scene

Good luck,
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On Thu, 1 May 2003, Finn Klug wrote:

> Hello,
> I'am trying to figure out how the best way is to add a second
> view/perspective of a visad scene to the Java3D scenegraph (or JFrame).
> This second view needs to have a different viewing transformation, but that
> didn't seem to be the problem. It's just a different view of the scene,
> transformed to be the floor projection of a 2-sided (wall+floor) holobench.
> I'am still having problems to find the common way to add this second
> perspective. Later the two views need to be linked in a way to do the same
> interaction with the scene (orbit/translate) on both screens. But atm I'am
> happy for every hint to add this second view in a proper way.
> Thanks in advance,
> Finn