Re: how to animate a large data set

Hi Chris,

> Hi, I am trying to find an example of animating a rather large data set.
> Specifically, I have a sequence of 480x480 images (about 1000) of them, that
> I would like to animate.
> The simplest method I used was to
> use the DataReference method setData() but it was a bit too slow.
> Then I tried to use a time field using the FieldImpl method along with a 
> setSample();
> This quickly filled up memory, (I only could store about 40 images).
> It seems that the more prudent method would be to generate the images, store 
> in a file (using
> some convenient VisAD friendly format) and then read and display them.
> Does anyone have a snippet of code that may already do this?
> Also, is there any way to maybe save the animation sequence to a sequence of 
> jpegs or mpegs for
> later playback??

I don't have code, but you could take your code to pass the
images one by one to DataReference.setData(), and for each
one call DisplayImpl.getImage(true) and save them to a sequence
of JPEGS. Then you can use ImageMagick or xanim to combine those
into an MPEG or other movie file.

Good luck,

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