Re: shape thickness

Ok.  I'm all set.  :)  I'm a little scatterbrained today, but
I got everything working.

Thank you Bill and Don for your suggestions and recommendations,
they seem to be working out well.


On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Leah Foechterle wrote:

> > Do you need to remove all data references?  Is the data
> > (and associated ScalarTypes) changing?  If not, then could
> > you just call DataReference.setData() with the new Data?
> > If so, the ConstantMaps will stay in place.  Only the
> > data is changing.
> >
> No, I don't.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I've changed my
> code to setData() for each of my DisplayReferences instead
> of removing all the refs and recreating them.  This almost
> works.  However, it appears that I have some artifacts in
> the corner of one of my displays.
> Has anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas why this would be there?
> Leah

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