Re: error

Hi Luke,

First, make sure that nothing changed in your Java3D
installation, because this is the message you'd get
if Java3D was not installed.

However, if you are using a Java development environment
different than Sun's JDK, it is possible that this message
may reflect the fact that visad.jar (the precompled class
files) uses a Canvas3D constructor not supported before
Java3D version 1.2. Note that when I compile on a machine
with Java3D version 1.1.2 I don't get this error message,
but I use Sun's JDK.

If this theory is right, there are a couple things you
might try:

1. Switch to a newer version of Java3D.
2. Instead of using visad.jar, compile VisAD from
   visad_src-2.0.jar (which does not use the new Canvas3D

Good luck,

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Luke A. Catania (TEC) wrote:

> With the latest visad.jar file I get the following message when compiling my
> application:
> Error #: 314 : cannot access class; neither class
> nor source found for
> My old visad.jar was installed May 2002 and did not give me this message.
> Is there another API or do I need to update to a new Java API with the
> latest VisAD?  I am currently using Java 1.2.2_012. and have Java3D
> installed.
> Luke