Re: Color Gridded3DSets

Hi Jay,

> I have many Gridded3DSets in my program and wanted to color each one 
> differently. Each of the Gridded3DSet has x,y and z RealType's which form 
> RealTupleType and are used in the Gridded3DSet. Now I cannot use 
> display.addMap(new ScalarMap(x, Display.Red)) and so on as this would color 
> all the Gridded3DSets the same way. I want each of them to be some other 
> color. How can I do this? Any help will be appreciated.

You could construct a FieldImpl with MathType:

  (index -> (Set(x, y, z), r, g, b))

Note that (Set(x, y, z), r, g, b) is a Tuple whose
first component is a Set, and whose 2nd, 3rd and 4th
components are Reals.

Good luck,

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