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Yes you were both right, my problem was I was doing the whole
DataReference create in another object (so I was using different
RealTypes, and RealTupleTypes) then just trying to pass the
DataReference over and thinking it would magically work. 

But when I moved my code (for throwing the shapefile image in) into a
function in the other app it all worked great.

The only problem I have now, which I think I can take care of
programmatically is making sure the setRange() on the latMap and lonMap
(to view a certain portion of the display) keep the ratio as to not
distort my display.
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Bill Hibbard wrote:

> Please send all questions to visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> instead of just me. For example, someone else will have
> to answer your last question about clipping Shape files
> by rectangles. So send to visad-list and keep messages
> small.

I'll take a stab at this.  See below.

> Your problem looks to me like some kind of problem
> combining the ScalarMaps appropriate for your two data
> objects.

I agree with Bill.  It looks to me like you are creating
a color shaded view of the lat/lon values, or you have
your temp mapped to RGB and the color table set to white (
or constant maps equalling white).  Please review your
ScalarMaps.  You should have Lat -> Y, Lon ->X, value -> IsoContour,
(and optionally) value -> RGB.

>>That is what I originally tried, but I couldn't seem to get the two to
>>work together. I have attached some screen shots of my dilemma. Maybe
>>something will catch your eye that makes sense.
>>Image1.gif = my program that displays a portion of the shapefile and
>>this works fine.
>>Image2.gif = my program that displays the temperature in contours
>>the same lat/lon area, this one works fine.
>>Image3.gif = I combine the two by adding a reference to the Image2.gif
>>data from the Image1.gif application. A white box appears... I double
>>checked and the white box is covering exactly the same points as the
>>Image2.gif application. So I am not sure what the problem is. Any

See above.  If you want your map to just cover the region of your
contours, set the range on the x and y axes to cover that area.

>>Image4.gif - I took off the constructor that only views a portion of
>>shapefile and let it display everything, and if you look closely on
>>East coast the little white box is still there and it looks to be in
>>correct spot on that display as well.

This makes sense.

>>Also I noticed that image1.gif and image3.gif have a little different
>>skewed view of the shapefile?

This will be due to the range setting of the ScalarMaps I presume.

>>And one final thing I am wondering about, I use the ShapefileAdapter
>>constructor with a Rectangle2D parameter to only show a portion, and
>>won't cut the borders (Is that by design)

Probably.  I'll talk to the developer and see what the design was.
It probably says that if a shape is in the rectangle, use the whole
shape.  Is that what you are asking?

If you want to have just the region of your data displayed, set the
ranges on the lat/lon axes and use the setClip method of
DisplayRendererJ*D to clip at the bounds to remove excess map lines.

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