RE: capture images in the animation loop

This is a very nice solution for creating QuickTime movies
from data.

I am working on UNIX. Is this solution only available on
Windows and Mac?

Has anyone a solution that uses the Java Media Framework?


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:57:55 -0600
From: Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: capture images in the animation loop
To: y.yi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Helen,
If your data is a timestack of images, such as with MathType:

     (time -> ((x, y) -> value))
Then you can export it as a QuickTime movie using VisAD's
QuickTime file form.  See the main method of
for an example.

Also, note that to use the QuickTime form, you must have
QuickTime for Java installed on your machine.  You can find
it for
Windows and MacOSX at:

Be sure to choose a Custom installation and specify
for Java" as one of the selected components.


At 02:49 PM 10/25/2002, Helen Yi wrote:
>Is it possible to capture the animation images ( if  4
frames) into one
>file, such as MPEG file? How?

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