Re: Is there JPythonApplet, JPythonPanel or something like that?

Hi Xue-Feng,

The bulk of the JPython editor is contained in
visad.python.JPythonEditor, which is a descendant of JScrollPane.
The intent was to allow JPythonEditor to function as a modular
component for any other editor someone might want to construct.

Is that what you're looking for?


At 09:18 PM 2/4/2003, you wrote:
>What capabilities are you looking for?  Do you want a full editor environment 
>or just something to run Python code that the user enters?  
>Xue-Feng Yang wrote:
>>I would like to make a pluge-in to make something like
>>JPythonFrame availabel to my own project. However,
>>JPythonFrame extends JFrame. So JPythonFrame cannot be
>>a pluge-in in a JPanel. Is there anything good for
>>this purpose?  

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