Re: VisAD and RMI

For distributed applications, there are two ways
normally. One is using thin client, and the other
using rich client. Both of them can be server/client

Thin client only works with browsers.  If you need
animations, then it is not good idea to use thin
client since you will lost lots of capabilities, such
as using mouse to move objects. It is possible that
you can use thin client to look an animation from gif

There are two types of the rich clients. One is applet
with browsers, and the other is standalone
However, both need to have VisAD class library
downloaded. A webstart fron Sun is good for
downloading all necessary packages. 

There are also several ways to speed up downloading
and secure your codes.

What is your purpose for not to use the VisAD class



> > If I have an application written using VisAD and I
> would like to
> > distribute the application (using RMI), is there a
> way to have the
> > server running the RMI registry be the only
> machine with the VisAD class
> > library. And then have the client machines not
> need the VisAD class
> > library to run this distributed application?
> Assuming it uses the VisAD
> > library to display data.

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