Re: DisplayEvent not emulating central click

Hi Tom,

> If the issue is that when both buttons are pressed/released, there is no
> "MOUSE_RELEASED_CENTER" event, I can confirm this (Windows 2000, JRE
> 1.3.1).  I hadn't paid much attention to this until I was working on the
> "HandlePickEvent" class for Python, where I found only RIGHT and
> LEFT_RELEASED Id's being returned.

That's not the issue. The mouse button emulation is purely
internal to MouseHelper. Only actual events are reported to

> I cannot, however, confirm your CTRL_MASK being set.  I just ran some
> tests, and using event.getInputEvent().isControlDown() always returns
> 'false', for various combinations of left, right, center...unless I
> actually hold the CTRL button down while clicking.

This error expresses itself differently on Andre's and my
Windows machines, and possibly not at all on yours. Probably
mouse-driver-specific, just to make life interesting.

> I note in passing that the SwingUtilities.isMiddleMouseButton() does not
> return a 'true' if I press both buttons (on my 2-button mouse)...

VisAD's mouse button emulation is purely its own. You can
see the logic in