Cylinder rendering

Hi Bill,

Thanks for replying.
I tried to use the Linear3DSet in a Cylindrical Coordinate system and
rendered the 3D-volume.
However, the display is not as "solid" as the Linear3DSet in Cartesian
coordinate system.
Is there any way I can make it continuous filled on the rendering?
I got picture for cube and cylinder rendering like this:
They are based on Tutorial example 10. The unit scale for azimuth
is 360.0 and the number of samples for azimuth component  is 100.



> Hi Muz,
> >
> > What I'm trying to do is to render a "volume" of a cylinder rather than
> > surface. So I guess I should use manifold dimension=3?
> For a volume, yes you need manifold dimension=3.
> > The raw data is a 2-D matrix in r-z coordinate. Since the data is
> > in "theta" direction, I want to render the 2D sample data into 3D volume
> > data by simple copying them for different "theta" in r-theta-z
> > (see the attached 2d.jpg and 3dvolume.jpg). However I am not quite sure
> > to use the CylindricalCoordinateSystem in Gridded3DSet. Is there any
> > I can read for this case?
> See and in visad/examples.
> To do a true volume rendering, you'll need to resample
> to a Linear3DSet, in (x, y, z) rather than in (r, theta, z).
> Note that (x, y, z) will be the reference RealTupleType
> for your CoordinateSystem. Use ScalarMaps x -> XAxis,
> y -> YAxis and z -> ZAxis.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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