Re: Irregular 3D rendering

Hi Bill,

What I'm trying to do is to render a "volume" of a cylinder rather than the
surface. So I guess I should use manifold dimension=3?
The raw data is a 2-D matrix in r-z coordinate. Since the data is symmetric
in "theta" direction, I want to render the 2D sample data into 3D volume
data by simple copying them for different "theta" in r-theta-z coordinate
(see the attached 2d.jpg and 3dvolume.jpg). However I am not quite sure how
to use the CylindricalCoordinateSystem in Gridded3DSet. Is there any example
I can read for this case?



> Hi Muz,
> > I want to use Irregular3DSet to render a 2D rectangular matrix into a 3D
cylinder. I'm wondering if there are any examples  I can use.
> Use a Gridded3DSet with manifold dimension = 2 instead.
> Use the constructor signature:
>   public Gridded3DSet(MathType type, float[][] samples,
>                       int lengthX, int lengthY)
> Where 'float[3][number_of_samples] samples' defines the
> 3-D locations of grid points on the cylinder and
> number_of_samples = lengthX * lengthY.
> Note that visad/examples/ uses a Gridded3DSet
> with manifold dimension = 2, as the domain Set of a Field
> sampled at a 2-D grid on a curved surface.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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