RE: VisAD for general data visualization purposes for general use rs?

Here's my tuppence-worth.

I think VisAD is great.

I am using it and tell other people about it.

But I can't help feeling "me too" when Maohai tells that he
found the first use of VisAd to be daunting and that the
documentation isn't always there and neither are the "out of
the box" methods to do some of the things that we might
expect etc etc.

To the VisAD creators I say that if this sounds like whinging
then we don't mean it that way. I am very, very impressed by
VisAD and know that I could never build such a system myself.
Please don't get us wrong when we suggest that VisAD is not
yet all perfect things to all people. 

Maohai and I are already VisAD disciples. We like VisAD. We
want to champion it's use in our organisations. Its just that
we know that most people (me included) like things to be easy
and so people may be (needlessly?) turned off by their
impressions of the first 5 minutes of use.

Perhaps we could turn the discussion around and re-start it
from the point of view of "if we (the developers) were to do
<insert specifics> then would this change the view of the ESA
Herschel IA group and lead to a mutually beneficial

Please flame me if I am out of line here.

Yours humbly,

Andrew Wilson

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