Re: questions on functionalities of VisAD X-Y style 2D plots

Don Murray wrote:
> . . .
> m huang wrote:
> . . .
> > by the way, I am now most puzzled by the ScreenBasedMode
> > of the scale, from the example (e.g. 42), it looks like
> > it is not the scale that is stationary to the screen, but
> > the coordinate system that the scales reflects. Is this
> > correct?
> I didn't write the screenBasedMode scale stuff, so I don't
> really know how it works or it's purpose.  Bill would have
> to answer this.

In Test42, in the right window the scales move with the
data depiction as it is panned and zoomed. In the left
window the scale locations are fixed in the screen, but
the scale values and tick marks change as the data
depiction is panned and zoomed.


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