Re: questions on functionalities of VisAD X-Y style 2D plots

--- Don Murray <dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> For graphs that use Display.XAxis, Display.YAxis and Display.ZAxis,
> use ProjectionControl.setAspectCartesian().

thanks, Don. I have been wondering what all these methods
with no JavaDoc at all do, setAspectCartesian(), 
GraphicsModeControlJ2D.getCurvedSize(), getPolygonMode() ...
by the way, I am now most puzzled by the ScreenBasedMode
of the scale, from the example (e.g. 42), it looks like
it is not the scale that is stationary to the screen, but
the coordinate system that the scales reflects. Is this

> Also, as you try to spin up on VisAD, don't forget to
> search the list archives for answers to some of your questions:

Yes it is a great tool. But I often heasitate in using the search
result because apparently some suggested code fixes have since been 
implemented in the release, so in general I don't know how
relevant the information in the archive is compared to the current

> I would chime in on why you should use VisAD, but am sorely
> pressed for time with an upcoming conference (AGU) to prepare for
> where I'll be highlighting Unidata's IDV which is built on
> VisAD.  If VisAD does not have what you need, you can add
> it yourself, or fund SSEC to make enhancements (we do both).

thanks for taking time to answer. Does VisAD have a SPR/SCR
(Software Problem Report and Software Change Request) system
where one can see a list of change request listed?


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