Re: VisAD JavaDoc

I noticed the same problem with 404 browser errors when
creating Javadocs for VisBio.  When viewing the VisBio
Javadocs, the links to the online VisAD Javadocs were
correct, but upon clicking them, IE displayed a 404.
But when typing those exact same URLs into a browser
window, the pages appeared correctly.

If this behavior doesn't occur in Netscape then I am
even more confused (my only guess had been that it had
something to do with the HTTP server being picky about
the referer page).


At 09:12 AM 11/25/2002, Tom Whittaker wrote:
>m huang wrote:
>>The "broken link" problem is still there. For example
>>in visad.DisplayRealType page, if I click on visad.ScalarType
>>I get a ``Not Found <br> The requested
>>URL /+AH4-dglo/visad/visad/ScalarType.html was not found on this
>On my browser the "+AH4-" appears as a tilde ("~") character.  Perhaps there 
>is some character set translation happening?