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I don't have your original message (and the Unidata archive
is down at the moment), but what version of Java and Java3D
are you using?  There was a problem with 1.4.0 and Java3D 1.2
at one time that sounds similar.  Are you using 1.4.1 and the
Java 3D 1.3 released versions?



Ibrahim Z Mohammad wrote:

I tried using the directx version but that didn’t help, instead I just get a different error..

Fail to lock Vertex Buffer - D3DERR_DRIVERINTERNALERROR

As I posted in my earlier email ‘Windows XP? + color’, when I’d tried using the opengl version I’d got the following error

wglCreateContext Failed: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

Is there something I’m missing..? I don’t understand whats happening because the same program works fine on my old computer.

Any help will be appreciated,

Thanks a lot,


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the most probable issue is that your new XP computer doesn't have OpenGL drivers. visad uses java3d, which in turn uses either opengl or directx api to talk to the graphics card. replace your java3d stuff with the directx version and you'll probably be fine.

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