Re: Integrated Data Viewer version 1.0 beta 1 available

Hi Ugo,

Please forgive me for CC'ing your message to the list,
but I wanted to second that the IDV is a great system.

The IDV does use visad.CoordinateSystem for map projections.
Applications can define their own instances of DisplayRealType,
and group 3 of them into a DisplayTupleType with a CoordinateSystem
with reference Display.DisplaySpatialCartesianTuple (which is
(XAxis, YAxis, ZAxis)). All the trig is of course in the toReference
and fromReference() methods of their CoordinateSystem.


On Sat, 7 Sep 2002, Ugo Taddei wrote:

> Hi Don,
> great job of you guys! I had a surf at the tutorial and I was impressed.
> I've 2 questions. Is the source code  available? There might by a
> snippet or 2 of code I'd like to nick from you and I quite like the
> icons for the preset views. (In fact I was dribbling with envy ;-)
> The ColourTable editor is also great. Simple widgets sometimes make such
> a difference for user-friendly apps. We should combine the RGBWidget
> with your colour table editor. Also, the RGBWidget should have a number
> of pre-defined tables. You see, VisAD Bio also has predefined tables.
> Why should different groups be developing the same things when they are
> common to a lot of applications?
> Another question: I saw somewhere in the IDV tutorial support for map
> projections. Could you send me a pointer to that? Actually, this is a
> question I should be posting on the list. Suppose I have my domain
> {easting, northing} in some UTM coord sys. If I want to transform it to
> {RealType.Longitude, RealType.Latitude} how would I do it? (Or Lat/Lon
> to some projection?)
> How does IDV use visad.CoordinateSystem for that?
> (I can't imagine VisAD doing it automagically, without some hardcore
> trigonometrical calculation!!!)
> Hmmm, I counted the "?": it's more than 2 questions... Sorry, but I
> thought you'd know about geo coord systems.
> Thanks fr your time.
> Cheers,
> Ugo
> PS.: Because I'm making some comment/questions regarding VisAD, I'm
> letting Bill eavesdrop by cc'ing this email to him

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