Re: strange 3D to 2D behavior

> > First, do not call clearMaps() and then add all the ScalarMaps
> > every time you add new Data to the Display. Instead, make all
> > your addMap() calls once at the begining, then to add new Data
> > just call addReference().
> How would this work?  The geometry is different for each piece
> of data and the data are added interactively. For each data item,
> I need to do:
>   a)  ScalarMap dataMap = new ScalarMap( gatevalue, Display.RGBA );
>         display.addMap( dataMap );
>   b)  display.addReference( data );
> And since I can't call addMap when there is already a data reference,
> I need to remove all references, and then re-add the maps, right?

If the RealType gatevalue is the same each time you add
new Data, there is no need to reconstruct and readd the
ScalarMap. If gatevalue is different for each new Data,
then you can call addMap() for gatevalue as long as it
does not occur in the Data already linked to the Display.

Good luck,

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