Re: strange 3D to 2D behavior

> First, do not call clearMaps() and then add all the ScalarMaps
> every time you add new Data to the Display. Instead, make all
> your addMap() calls once at the begining, then to add new Data
> just call addReference().

How would this work?  The geometry is different for each piece
of data and the data are added interactively. For each data item,
I need to do:
  a)  ScalarMap dataMap = new ScalarMap( gatevalue, Display.RGBA );
        display.addMap( dataMap );
  b)  display.addReference( data );
And since I can't call addMap when there is already a data reference,
I need to remove all references, and then re-add the maps, right?

What am I missing here?

> Second, I suspect that your cones are becomming flat because
> they are at different ranges of Z values. When there is just

yes, that was the problem -- made worse by the earth's curvature.
Since the two radar were far away, they had very different
ranges of z.  I changed to a lat-lon-ht representation and
the problem went away.  Thanks!


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