Re: Georeferencing in VisAD

Hi Deepak,

VisAD offers the following help:

1. It includes georeferencing details for a variety of earth
satellites and other data sets (e.g., HDF-EOS files).

2. Georeferencing is implicit in a variety of operations,
including array operations. For example, if you subtract one
image from another in a different earth projection, it will
georeference them before subtracting.

3. It enables georeferenced displays of a wide variety of
difference data types, such as images, map boundaries,
regular and irregular grids, particle trajectories, etc.


On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, deepak mehtani wrote:
> Hi everyone!!
> We have a little problem in deciding with VisAD or Java3D, think u guys
> may be helpful.
> We are doing a Visualization project in Java3D. The project deals with
> plotting stuff with actual latitude and longitude co-ordinates.
> What we have done right now is, made the Origin of Java3D as the
> absolute UTM origin and plotting everything according to the absolute
> UTM co-ordinates.(we use UTM zone 11).
> This way we can handle georeferencing for us. We already have a class to
> convert from lat, lon to UTM and vice-versa.
> The only thing we are concerned about right now is, what  advantage does
> VisAD provide us over what setup we have right now with java3D.
> If somebody could mail me with the details regarding this it would be
> really helpful
>  Cheers
>  Deepak

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