Georeferencing in VisAD

Hi everyone!!

We have a little problem in deciding with VisAD or Java3D, think u guys
may be helpful.

We are doing a Visualization project in Java3D. The project deals with
plotting stuff with actual latitude and longitude co-ordinates. 

What we have done right now is, made the Origin of Java3D as the
absolute UTM origin and plotting everything according to the absolute
UTM co-ordinates.(we use UTM zone 11).

This way we can handle georeferencing for us. We already have a class to
convert from lat, lon to UTM and vice-versa.

The only thing we are concerned about right now is, what  advantage does
VisAD provide us over what setup we have right now with java3D.

If somebody could mail me with the details regarding this it would be
really helpful