Re: adding a single point that stands out to a surface plot

i think i have everything to work now except 1 thing ...

as i said earlier, i am adding a single point to a 3d surface plot.  the
display that the 3d surface plot is on uses ScalarMaps to map
Display.RGB and Display.ZAxis to the same RealType for representing the
Z axis.

i cannot figure out how to set the color of this point that i added to
the plot.  right now it always sets the color based on where it is on
the Z axis because of the Display.RGB that is mapped to the RealType for

I was curious if there is an easy way for me to leave the 3D surface
plot colored like it is now (based on where each point is on the Z
axis), but to have this single point always be a certain color (Green).

thanks a lot,


On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 17:57, Bill Hibbard wrote:
> Mike,
> > i guess now i am having a hard time figuring out where the actual x,y,z
> > values go for the point i want to add.
> >
> > do i use a FlatField(FunctionType) to create a flatfield and put the
> > samples in there by setSamples(float[3][1], false) where
> >
> >  float[3][1] = { {x}, {y}, {z} }
> >
> > ?
> >
> > then i set the data of the datareference to that flatfield?
> No. Construct a RealTuple with the x, y, z values. There's an
> exmaple in the visad/examples/ program, and lots
> of other examples.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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