Re: Java3D 1.3 Objects vanished

Hi Desiree,

> I am doubting that as well, I was hoping that other were having the same
> problem
> upgrading to the new Java3D version.
> I think the objects are still there, but maybe the Appearance ist
> different from my own objects, could that cause any effects in the new
> Java3D version?

I think the Java3D rule is "no state" meaning that different
branches of the scene graph cannot affect each other.

> Where can I find the  code in VisAD where
> the Appearance-Node is created.

The makeAppearance() method in visad/java3d/

> > However, are you saying that you do not have this problem
> > under Java3D version 1.2?
> Yeah, thats true.

Then you may want to report this to the java3d-interest@xxxxxxxxxxxx
mailing list.

Good luck,