Re: Java3D 1.3 Objects vanished

> > I just upgraded to Java3D 1.3. The programs compiles fine.
> > In my application I am mixing 3D-objects created with Java3D and
> > 3D-objects created with VisAD. The VisAD-created object are not longer
> > displayed in my 3D view.
> > I am attaching the code, creating the VisAD-object.
> There isn't much I can help with, since I cannot compile or
> run your code (no main() method). Also, the fact that you
> are manipulating the Java3D scene graph makes me doubt its a
> VisAD problem.

I am doubting that as well, I was hoping that other were having the same
upgrading to the new Java3D version.
I think the objects are still there, but maybe the Appearance ist
different from my own objects, could that cause any effects in the new
Java3D version? Where can I find the  code in VisAD where
the Appearance-Node is created.

> However, are you saying that you do not have this problem
> under Java3D version 1.2?

Yeah, thats true.

> I have occasionally seen behavior with the Java3D 1.3 beta
> where objects will disappear from the display until I rotate
> the image or some other change to trigger Java3D to re-render.

Rotating, changing backgroundcolor, changing shading from gouraud to flat,
changing the object colors unfortenuately does not help.

> I have also seen color problems with more than one Java3D
> display under the Java3D 1.3 beta.
> Good luck,

Thanks, Desiree

> Bill

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