Re: running VisAD example app

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, John Patton wrote:
> I am trying to check out the VisAD package, but I am unable to run the
> example application(s).  In the installation README, it simply says to "run
> the appropriate example application" but I am not sure which one(s) in the
> example folder is/are the example application.
> I have tried "java XXXXX" a few times where "XXXXX" is a class in the
> example directory, but with no luck.  Am I missing something obvious, or
> have I perhaps not installed the package correctly?

With questions like yours, it is a good idea to send us
any error message you are getting, so we know what kind
of 'no luck' you are having.

If you downloaded the visad.jar file, you will also need to
download and unpack the visad_examples.jar file, as described
at the end of Section 6 of the README file. Make sure that
the full pathname of visad.jar and '.' are in your CLASSPATH.

Good luck,

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