Re: How I construct a Reference with diferente lineWidth

>Thanks foy your interest, but we were looking for a way to
>create a single reference with lines of diferent width and color.
>Can it be done?

Hi Olver,

The short answer is no, not without writing a custom DataRenderer.

However, you could add one DataReference for each LineWidth, using
a ScalarMap to RGB for adjusting line color.  You'd add new lines
by adding elements to a FlatField of type ((x, y, z) -> color),
with a domain set of a UnionSet of Gridded2DSets.  One example of
this can be seen in (see the doLines method).

So, the number of DataReferences becomes a function of the number
of unique line widths, which shouldn't be too slow.


At 04:41 PM 7/22/2002, you wrote:
>> For each line, you will need a DataReferenceImpl, and then create a
>> ConstantMap[] for Display.RGB and Display.LineWidth, and then use:
>>     Display.addReference(DataReferenceImpl, ConstantMap[]);
>> when you add each line to the display.  In Jython, you might say
>> something like:
>>    cm = makeColorMap('red') + makeLineStyleMap('solid',3))
>>    addData('lines', thisline, display, cm)
>> (for points in 'thisline', and Display 'display', and a solid red line
>> of width 3)
>> tom
>> --
>> Tom Whittaker
>> University of Wisconsin-Madison
>> Space Science and Engineering Center
>> Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
>> Telephone/VoiceMail:  608.262.2759
>Hi Tom.

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