Re: How I construct a Reference with diferente lineWidth

> For each line, you will need a DataReferenceImpl, and then create a
> ConstantMap[] for Display.RGB and Display.LineWidth, and then use:
>     Display.addReference(DataReferenceImpl, ConstantMap[]);
> when you add each line to the display.  In Jython, you might say
> something like:
>    cm = makeColorMap('red') + makeLineStyleMap('solid',3))
>    addData('lines', thisline, display, cm)
> (for points in 'thisline', and Display 'display', and a solid red line
> of width 3)
> tom
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Hi Tom.

Thanks foy your interest, but we were looking for a way to
create a single reference with lines of diferent width and color.
Can it be done?