unit conversion in VisAD

Making some computations in VisAD, for example in part
dtdp = (FlatField) (dtdp.multiply( ((FlatField)absvor.getSample(i))) );

The results have values such as .002 and "units" 0.001 K m2 s-1 kg-1.

How can I get the results to have value 2 and "units" 0.000001 K m^2 s-1 kg-1?

Or values 2E-6 and units K m^2 s-1 kg-1?

Stu Wier


Stuart Wier                              
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
wier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                           P.O. Box 3000
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/staff/wier      Boulder, CO 80307

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