Re: Replacing ptplot

Hi Lars,

> Is it possible to use various plot (dashed lines, et cetera) and point
> styles (dots, et cetera) to draw the Display ?
> At the moment i am working with connected lines but i would like to use
> different styles.

Curtis just added such a capability, but it has not yet been
released to the VisAD ftp server (it is on the untested CVS
server on SourceForge). It supports ConstantMaps to Display.LineStyle.
The constant values to map are: GraphicsModeControl.SOLID_STYLE,
GraphicsModeControl.DASH_STYLE, GraphicsModeControl.DOT_STYLE,
and GraphicsModeControl.DASH_DOT_STYLE.

> Another question:
> How can i draw impulses in my plot ?

My guess is ScalarMaps to Shape, but I do't know what impulses are?

> How can i create a lattice like the grey one on this ptplot page and the
> values on the x-axis (0.0,0.1,0.2,......0.8,0.9,1.0) -> i think with visad
> my plot would have only the values
> (0.0,0.5,1.0)?

You can do this. A curve would just be a FlatFields with MathType
(x -> y). The filled bars would be the same data in a MathType
(x -> y2) with ScalarMaps of y2 to Shape and ShapeScale, where
the ShapeControl has one VisADLIneArray for a unit line.

> Last but not least
> What is the easiest way to draw a legend with visad ?

You can to this with ScalarMaps of TextTypes to Text.

Sorry I am on holiday and cannot send you more verbose
help. But these hints, plus an understanding of Ugo's
excellent tutorial and perhaps a few of our
visad/examples/*.java programs, should get you there.

Good luck,

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