Replacing ptplot

Hello people

I am working at a project where i should replace the ptplot libraries
with visad (which i think is lightyears better).Now i got problems 
in replacing the functionality of some ptplot methods.
I hope you can show me the right way. 

Is it possible to use various plot (dashed lines, et cetera) and point
styles (dots, et cetera) to draw the Display ?
At the moment i am working with connected lines but i would like to use 
different styles. 

Another question:
How can i draw impulses in my plot ?

How can i create a lattice like the grey one on this ptplot page and the 
values on the x-axis (0.0,0.1,0.2,......0.8,0.9,1.0) -> i think with visad
my plot would have only the values

Last but not least 
What is the easiest way to draw a legend with visad ?  

A lot of questions,
but i hope you can help me.

thanks for any help 

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