Re: changing color mapping

Hi John,

The simplest way would be to do:
        color_map = new ScalarMap(v, Display.RGB);
at display configuration time.

Then in the method where your shape changes, compute the minimum and maximum 
radius values, store them in variables min and max, and do:
        color_map.setRange(min, max);

If you always want a given radius to be a given color, then instead pick a 
constant min and max and apply the setRange once during display configuration 


At 03:25 PM 1/17/2002, you wrote:
>I have mapped colors on to the surface of my shape with
>display.addMap(new ScalarMap(v, Display.RGB));
>The mapping values are based on the radius from the origin to the surface of 
>the shape.  The shape may start as a sphere giving a single color (green).  
>The problem comes when my shape mutates its form (say from the sphere to an 
>ellipsoid).  Apparently, the "sensitivity" of Display.RGB was set to be so 
>sensitive initially when the shape was a sphere that the new mapping 
>immediately covers the entire object with the color blue.
>I would like to show the gradual transition of RGB no matter how the shape 
>mutates.  Does anyone know an method to "reset" the sensitivity of 
>Display.RGB??  Thank you!